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100.) Sometimes when I make egg salad sandwiches, I’ll just eat the mix.

There’s something savory about eggs, celery and mayonnaise that makes it hard for me to resist. D: also i gave up dairy for lent so no more bread for me

99.) I usually mix in my rice with soup.

Soups like canh chua and canh bi—that shit is delicious.

98.) From about 6th grade to 7th grade, I seriously thought that other kids could read my mind.

I say this because I used to daydream about sex a lot. i mean i still do but

97.) I don’t drink a lot of water; I generally drink only about 3 glasses a day.

96.) No matter how I sleep or which side of my face I sleep on, my right eyelid is always fatter than my left one.


95.) Even though I intend to be nice and friendly, I’m usually cold and reserved?

Like, socially, I close people out because I get self-conscious of the way I talk, act, and look in front of them.

94.) When I talk to my mom in English, I speak kind of.. weirdly.

"Zee-ah, wah kine of bread you wan?"
"Any good. I don really care."

93.) Another kindergarten story!

So, you know how they usually have music concerts for every grade in primary school, right? Well, my first one was in Kindergarten and when I asked my mom to take me to school to see me perform, she kind of shook it off and told Big Bro to take me instead. It made me sad because I was expecting her to get all excited about it and stuff. I didn’t go to the concert that night (because I wanted my mom specifically to be there and for her to enjoy the event too) and when I went to school the next day, all the kids were talking about how great the concert was and how proud their parents were of them. After that, I never really told my parents about special events going on at my school (like Student Recognition Night, middle school plays, other primary grade concerts).

92.) When I was in Kindergarten,

my teacher showed us the video on healthy habits and then she started talking about how it was better to eat brown rice instead of white rice. So that night, when my mom was preparing my lunch, I put a lot of soy sauce in my rice to make it look like brown rice because I was afraid the teacher was gonna yell at me for eating white rice.

91.) During certain situations, I like to say Japanese/Korean words/phrases in my head.

Like, if I stub my toe or something, I think itai! Or like when something bad happens, I go doushite?! or wae?!

Um, yeah.
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